WE ARE NUZZL Built by pet lovers for pet lovers.

We know pets are family.

At nuzzl we are on a mission to strengthen the bond between pets and their parents, while also creating a rewarding opportunity for pet professionals. We believe all pet parents should have easy access to trusted health expertise.

nuzzl was founded through the Antler startup generator program in Sydney. With experience in the pet industry and being pet owners, we saw the gaps to having a happy and healthy pet. With validation from other pet parents we launched our modern pet health and wellness business. nuzzl provides guidance and support when your pet is unwell, is experiencing behavioural changes, or when you have a pressing pet question.


  • Veterinary Strategic


  • CEO
    Chief Executive Officer

    ERIN C

  • COO
    Chief Operating Officer

    ERIN S

  • CTO
    Chief Technology Officer


  • CBO
    Chief Ball Officers


  • CSO
    Chief Snuggle Officer


  • CDO
    Chief Drool Officer


  • CSO
    Chief Scale Officer


Pet Experts

Trusted and caring pet experts ready to respond. They are vetted, offer years of experience in their field and an overarching desire to help pets and pet parents.

We want to empower pet parents, make Australia more pet friendly, and create a community of nuzzlers.

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